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Lotus Car Clubs


November 10, 2013 by admin



Club Lotus

The world’s first and biggest club for all Lotus enthusiasts.


SELOC, The owners club for Lotus Enthusiasts

SELOC is one of the most active Lotus forums and clubs, both online and off, with a lively forum and regularevents both in the UK and abroad.


Lotus Drivers Club

The origins of our club started in late 1976. It began when two or three Lotus owners met up at a pub (nothing new there then). One of the founder members was Gary Weston and being an enthusiastic friendly type it was decided that they meet again and this developed into a regular meeting. Soon they decided to form a club and given the location of the meeting place it was called the West Midland Lotus Drivers Club.


Midlands Lotus Owners Club


Lotus Owners Club


Historic Lotus Club

Members interests include the history, preservation, display and racing of Lotus cars and their replicas.  The club has specialist historians for the Mk Eleven, Twelve, Fifteen, Eighteen FJ, Eighteen F1, 18/21 F1, 20FJ, 22FJ, 23 Sports Racing, 31F3 and FJ, 35 F2, 49 F1, 51 FF, 61 FF, 72 F1, 102 F1, 107 F1, and Indy cars. Members also have specialist restoration knowledge and are able to advise on the Mk4, 6, 8 and 9 series of Hewland gearboxes, Ford OHV competition engines and single cam Climax engines.


Lotus On Track Racing Drivers Club

LoTRDC aims to provide safe, friendly and financially viable motorsport for Lotus owners. In 2007 LoTRDC launched the hugely successful Elise Trophy, which quickly established itself as the UK’s premier single marque club race series.


Golden Gate Lotus Club

The Golden Gate Lotus Club (GGLC) welcomes Lotus enthusiasts from around the world. We hope you find this site not only entertaining, but informative. Please consider joining the GGLC today!

The GGLC (formed in 1972) is one of the oldest and largest non-profit Lotus enthusiast clubs in the World. Based in Northern California. We are dedicated to serving the Lotus enthusiast and preserving the rich history and tradition of Lotus. The GGLC is about fun, enjoying these unique cars produced by a unique company.


The North Yorkshire Lotus Owners Club

The North Yorkshire Lotus Owners Club (or NYLOC as we’ve come to be known) is a club for Lotus enthusiasts with its roots more offline than online. Our history goes back some time, but you’ll only get bored so here’s what you’ll probably want to know:-

When we meet we have been known to attract over 90 Loti in the car park during the Summer and rarely drop below 20 cars in the Winter – most owners still turning up in their Lotus and not their ‘other cars’.


Lotus Seven Club




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