Would you like your service or company listed on our Classic Car Directory?

Classic Car Directory

It’s easy – we do all the work. All we need is the URL/website address of your website or social media page (Facebook page).

We will then extract the information we need and create a listing for you. What’s more, the listing is for the life of the Directory – no monthly fees, no success fees, no click fees – just a one-off listing fee.

So what do I get?

1 – A full listing text with a featured image.

2 – Link to your website and/or social media pages – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.

3 – Optional contact information, including telephone number and email address.

Ok. – so how much will it cost me?

We will create a listing for a one-off fee of £3 – yes, just £3….. We will invoice you once the listing is live – you can pay by bank transfer.

What are the benefits of a listing in the Directory?

The Directory is a great place to advertise that is risk free. We will drive traffic to the directory for you – no need for you to pay ongoing advertising fees. We let visitors click and easily visit your website – no payment gateways or registration, just a click straight through to your company or service. You will also get a valued backlink – google loves backlinks and it will improve your search rankings.

We will also share your listing to our social media accounts, pages & groups. The more people that see the listing, the more visitors you will get.

So what’s the catch? It’s only £3?

Yes, it’s only £3 and it may seem to not make economic sense. Where this is how it works. The more Listings we get the more traffic that will visit our site – the more traffic the higher the search rankings, backlinks and referrals. Traffic makes money. We earn additional income through adverts, affiliate listings, and we may raise the cost of listing for new customers in the future. We also help other people build successful directories and websites – see Support From Richard.

Ok what do I do next?

Just fill out this short form and we will get started with your listing and let you know how it is all going…… This one form could help you grow your business and achieve even greater success – get started today.


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